Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Simply Run

After running everyday straight for a year and just completing the Ice Age 50 mile run, I've decided to get back to the roots of running.

My last 15 years of running have been chock full of training plans and ultra focused running (every run propelled to run ultra-marathons).

So now it's time to stop worrying about the miles, and experiment with the run itself. I do want to focus on speed, but at a pure simplistic level. Maybe, just learning to run a mile fast. Ultras will still be my first and enduring love, but this blog will help me concentrate on keeping the run pure.

I'm going to keep the posts short and simple. I also ask for your opinions and ideas, criticisms and high fives.

Honesty will be key.

Today: 4 miles at an unknown pace. Finished with 5x30sec strides.

We are visiting friends in Long Island, so I didn't know the exact mileage, but based it loosely on a 8 minute mile.

How do you keep your running pure and simple?

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